Mango Languages has lessons covering 70+ languages, including Latin American Spanish, Haitian Creole, French, Chinese, and many others. Specialty courses on this platform include Medical Spanish, French wine and cheese conversations, texting in English and Spanish, and even conversations in Pirate, among other topics.

Mango’s lessons are structured with fun and easy techniques based on repeating spoken conversations. The lessons are short, easy to follow, and self-paced.  Create a personal profile to track progress, organize courses, and provide access to the Mango mobile apps.  The interactive tool offers voice comparisons, translations, and more.

Try Mango Languages by accessing it from Calder Library’s eDatabases list. Use your UM/JHS email to create a personal profile. To locate the Medical Spanish module, choose the Latin American language courses then locate Medical Spanish under the Specialty Units tab.

You will need speakers and a microphone to record and listen to the conversations. Mango Languages is also available as Apple App Store or Google Play apps, to learn on the go with your mobile devices.


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