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Open Access is the free and immediate access of scholarly research information to everyone, through the Internet, giving the right to use and reuse those research results to anyone as needed.

Open Access Week is a worldwide event celebrated during the week of October 18 to the 24, to promote the unfettered “open access” of information for the advancement of scholarship and research, and for the benefit of academia, medicine, science, industry and the population at large.

This is the 4th year of the event which provides the academic and research community with the opportunity to keep current on open access initiatives and advancements made by open access policies around the world. Also, it gives academics and researchers the chance to share ideas and projects that demonstrate to the scientific community the importance and the benefits of open access to information.

Visit the Open Access Week site for information on planned activities and to connect with the worldwide Open Access Week community. You can also read a timeline of the last 10 years of Open Access Journals.


It’s … Research Literature!

It’s …   Scholarly Journals!

It's ...   Budget Friendly!

It’s …   Archives and Repositories!

It’s …   Barriers Removed!

It’s …   a Global Movement!