NextBio is a tool which has been added to certain abstracts in ScienceDirect publishing resources. It allows the researcher looking at the article to not only read the abstract of the article but also to see the relevant terms from the article. These terms in turn are searched via NextBio in PubMed, clinical trials, experimental data correlations & studies, and news articles. This will be a way of connecting the immediate research the researcher is looking for (the article), to research the researcher has not thought to look for yet.




On the right hand side researchers find a chart with a key and search terms from the article that are matched against terms included in NextBio’s biomedical ontology. This helps researchers determine if they are interested in the other information powered by NextBio, or if they will choose to do their own searching.

Within the article, researchers can click on the underlined key terms to further zoom-in on that key term. This enables a pop-up which allows researchers to find:

  • Related content based on both the article and the key term chosen by the researcher
  • An overview of all of the sentences where the key term is used in order to quickly scan the article
  • A description and visual representation of key terms, including the term selected


Please contact your librarian to learn more!