RefWorks is a popular tool on the campus, used by many researchers, students, and faculty members to create bibliographies without worrying about citation style details. Now RefWorks has come out with version 2.0, which incorporates many of the great suggestions we have heard from you all.

In addition to have a cleaner, more user-friendly layout, Version 2.0 will allow the user to create subfolders which will allow even greater organizational ability. It will also allow for de-duplication within folders, which will remove any duplicates of references within the same folder. Sharing of items will also be modified so a user does not have to share an entire folder and will be able to share just select references with colleagues. RefWorks 2.0 also has the ability to use keyboard navigation so it works with assistive technologies.

If you want to see and try out RefWorks 2.0, log in to your RefWorks account and click on RefWorks 2.0 in the upper right corner.



Write-N-Cite will remain the same and will work seamlessly with RefWorks 2.0. We will let you know if there is an update to Write-N-Cite.

Until October 29, 2011, RefWorks 2.0 will be optional. After October 29, 2.0 will be the default view, but you may change back to the Classic view until the end of 2011. Once 2011 ends, so will the Classic view of RefWorks. Please take this time to check out the new changes and get a feel for the new features. Sign up for one of our free upcoming RefWorks classes to learn more about RefWorks 2.0.

Check out the new look of RefWorks 2.0; with the new features and more operability it is sure to be a valuable resource for your research.

RefWorks 2.0