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Canady, John. 
101 tips for getting the residency you want, 2008

Klaassen, Curtis.
Casarett and Doull's toxicology: the basic science of poisons, 2008

Sadick, Neil. 
Concise manual of cosmetic dermatologic surgery, 2009

Kelly, Paul A.
Dermatology for skin of color, 2009
Univ. of Miami Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine faculty contributors

Nelson, Audrey.
Evidence-based protocols for managing wandering behaviors, 2007

Benner, Christine.
Expertise in nursing practice: caring, clinical judgment & ethics, 2009

Cheever, Kerry H.
I.V. therapy demystified, 2008

Hopkins, Tracey.
Lab notes: guide to lab and  diagnostic tests, 2009

Andrew, Sherman.
Mixed methods research for nursing and the health sciences, 2009

Hurst, Marlene.
Pathophysiology review, 2008

Patel,  Dilip.
Pediatric practice. Sports medicine, 2009

Chamberlain, Neal
The Big picture: Microbiology, 2009

Schwartz, Eli.
Tropical diseases in travelers, 2009