EMBASE is back by popular demand!  The University of Miami has renewed its subscription to EMBASE, an excellent literature search tool for modern biomedical researchers.

EMBASE provides extensive coverage of international biomedical journals and conferences and is a key resource for generating systematic reviews, making informed decisions in evidence-based medicine, and for post-market surveillance of drugs and medical devices.

What does EMBASE have to offer?

Deep Indexing:  Allows users to find the exact biomedical information they are looking for.

Easy Searching: Unique features include automatic alerts and search forms that support drug, device, and disease-focused searching.

Comprehensive Coverage: Conference and journal coverage dating as far back as 1947 lets users access information they can’t find anywhere else.

EMBASE supports the worldwide biomedical research community, providing the most relevant and up-to-date information from biomedical literature.

Systematic Reviews in support of Evidence-based Medicine

Avoid missing vital information in a field of research, build comprehensive databases of evidence gathered from trusted sources and assess the quality of information to drive clinical decision making.

Regulatory compliance

Compare therapeutic effects of substances on a disease, look up reported economic evaluations of specific drug therapies, track a specific drug trade name and retrieve information needed to comply with legislation and regulations.

Sign up for your own EMBASE account!

It will let you save your searches and create alerts of new publications.  Register at http://www.embase.com