UpToDate website

Great news for UM heath care personnel in clinics, hospitals, and office practices!  The Library's UpToDate subscription now includes The Basics--patient information topics in English AND Spanish.  The Basics component is comprised of short articles written in plain language, which answer some of the  most frequent and important questions patients ask about medical problems.  With this information, patients can gain a better understanding of their medical condition and treatment plan.  The patient information topics are concordant with the professional topics upon which they are based in UpToDate. All topics are written by professional medical writers with advanced degrees, and then edited by the same in-house physician editors who develop the rigorously reviewed information that is included in UpToDate.

To access The Basics patient information in both English and Spanish, simply go to the Calder Library Website, click on e-Databases, then UpToDate.  Click on the "patient info" tab and "The Basics" to view all the topics and click "View in Spanish" for the Spanish version.

Other diagnostic, point-of-care or consumer health databases accessible through Calder's Website with bilingual patient handouts include DynaMed and Health Library Medline Plus, produced by the National Library of Medicine, offers patient care information in dozens of languages.