Written by Barbara M. Sorondo and Jenny Garcia-Barcena

Instructions to Authors in the Health Sciences (IAHS) is your one-stop resource for manuscript preparation and publication information. Created by the University of Toledo Mulford Health Sciences Library and maintained by Health Sciences Librarian Gerald Natal, IAHS is a compendium of links to the manuscript guidelines of over 6,000 health and life science journals. You can search the site by journal title or browse the listings using the alphabetical index.

The portal also provides links to websites with valuable information for authors, medical journal editors, and researchers. Standards and guidelines on what is and is not permissible in a variety of publishing scenarios are offered at the portal, including the sites listed below:

•COPE: guidance on retracting articles, ethical editing, authorship disputes
•EASE: advice on writing clearly and concisely
•ICMJE: instructions on completing forms to disclose potential conflicts of interest
•SHERPA/RoMEO: policies from individual publishers on copyright transfer agreements and open access mandates for repository self-archiving
•NIH Public Access Policy: step-by-step walkthrough on how to comply with NIH Policy and submit final journal manuscripts arising from NIH funds
•PRISMA Statement: checklist and flow diagram that help ensure complete and thorough reporting of systematic reviews and meta-analyses

The sites are checked weekly and updated on a monthly basis by Mr. Natal to ensure all links are accurate and timely.

To access IAHS from Calder's homepage, click on the “Important Websites” link on the right side of our homepage, then select the “Instructions to Authors in the Health Sciences” link under the “I” listing.

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Be sure to take a look at the hundreds of other links to biomedical, health sciences, writing and publication, and career websites reviewed by Calder librarians, organized by title and subject. 
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