PubGet ( is a search engine for PDFs of the biomedical literature, similar to PubMed and Google Scholar, but with a great twist! What makes PubGet special is that you can also easily browse the latest issue of your favorite journals, article by article, when you go to PubGet from a computer on the UM/JMH network.

The Library activated UM as a PubGet site, so the PDFs of articles in the current issues of journals can be browsed, and the 20 million PubGet articles that are in journals accessible at UM can be searched. You can enter a journal title in the search box below ‘Latest Issues’ or you can customize the list of journals you see when you log in by clicking on ‘customize list’ and entering your MIT user name and password or Google account information.

More information on PubGet is available at the ‘help’ link on the top, right of the PubGet web site, and by coming to the Library.