In our ongoing efforts to enhance and improve services to our users, we have implemented a new and improved federated search engine, 360 Search. The simple search interface unifies results for e-journals, e-books, and other library materials. It then sorts thousands of results into clusters that make it easy to cut through clutter and find meaningful content. Just type your topic in the search box in the upper-left hand corner of the homepage, and you will see your search results organized by topic, source, and more.

360 Search

We have also created custom search categories which are targeted towards our main user groups. Subject searching can be found on the following portals listed on our website:  Students, Consumer Health, Physicians/Clinicians, and Researchers.

Users can now find answers faster by eliminating information overload as 360 Search provides a quick, intuitive path to results that share common topics, dates, journals, and authors. Also, there is a seamless integration to full-text, whereby users are presented with links to the full-text articles based on our subscriptions. In addition, patrons are now able to export selected citations to any bibliographic citation manager (like RefWorks) or email selected citations in either plain text or HTML.