UMH Library Jenny and Emily

We are pleased to announce that the UMH Library is now staffed by librarians Jenny Garcia-Barcena and Emily Vardell. To continue to bring UMH access to the best evidence-based resources and tools to support health care decisions, Jenny and Emily are at the UMH Library from 8:30 to 12, Monday to Friday, and at the UM Calder Memorial Library from 12 to 5. Since June 1st, the library has seen an increase in visitors, as well as an increase in the number of article and expert search requests. In addition to free article delivery and expert searches, the library also offers access to top medical databases and journals, customized email alerts sent to you on the author or topic of your choice, and individualized classes for all UMH health care professionals. Please come and visit the library soon to find out about the many free information resources and services available to UMH health care professionals and researchers.