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Welcome to new and returning members of the University of Miami Medical Campus community! Library staff is happy to report that many changes occurred at Calder Library over the summer and during the past year.


The Library’s new Website went live in January, on-site use of the Library in 2015 registered its highest numbers in 10 years, and a Personal Librarian Plan was developed for incoming first year medical students.  For a change of pace, Calder’s History of Medicine Room was the site of the Library’s first known (and accepted) marriage proposal between two Miller School graduates who met at Calder.


Improvements were made to every floor of the building:



New work stations replaced aging carrels on the first floor and 30 additional stations were added, along with 20 more computers.  Each station has three electrical outlets to accommodate the numerous devices used by Library patrons.



Partnering with the Library, IT Academic Support Services opened an office in close proximity to the Library’s first floor computers to aid students with their personal device issues.



A Patron Lounge with comfortable furniture and a flat screen television was opened.



New furniture was added at the Library entrance, bathrooms and elevators were renovated, and several walls were painted.




Two office spaces were combined and renovated into a Mac Lab housing eight iMacs--Rooms 2010/2011.



Two study rooms were renovated and furnished with new work stations – Rooms 2029 and 2030.



The Library Relaxation Room with Relax-the-Back chairs was relocated from the first floor to Room 2023.  The Miller School Class of 2015 Gift to the Library—a massage chair—is housed in this room.



Walls were painted on various sections of the  2nd floor.




The e-Classroom was opened for student use when not reserved for instruction and 12 computers were added for a total of 32.



Artwork was re-purposed and walls painted.


For updated information about the Library, please check Calder Website’s Announcements, Blog, and Featured e-Resource sections.