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Going Cashless.  In an effort to streamline operations and comply with auditing recommendations, beginning on October 1, 2013, all payments for Library and Biomedical Communications’ services will require one of the following:  Credit card, debit card, check, or UM IDR or Account Number.  Cash will no longer be accepted in payment for services.

Starbuck’s and Construction.  The Library’s administrative offices are moving to the second floor this Fall to make way for the new Starbuck’s coffee shop that will be constructed in the current Library administration location.  Construction on the first and second floors will be completed after hours so there will be minimal disruption for Library patrons.  Also, the Library’s elevators are undergoing renovation.  As much as possible, this work will be done during hours the Library is closed.

Book Sale and Open Access Week.  Please join the Calder Library staff in recognizing Open Access Week (October 20-26) by attending the Book Sale in the Library starting on October 22.  All proceeds from this book sale will benefit the Library and United Way.

Ralph H. and Ruth F. Gross Lecture.  Save the date of November 21 for the biennial Gross Lecture hosted by Calder Library.  Details to follow…