According to Cunningham and Stanovich in What Reading Does for the Mind:

"Those who read...will enhance their verbal intelligence; that is, reading will make them smarter."

Wow, reading can be:

--Make you an in-demand guest at family and social gatherings this summer (maybe).
--Increase your emotional intelligence.
--Improve your analytic thinking skills.
--Best of all, keep your finely honed brain in tip top shape.

Students, staff, and faculty, did you know the Calder Library houses two unique leisure reading collections? On the first floor adjacent to the library entrance you will find "The Leisure Reading Collection."

On the third floor, you will find the B. B. Weinstein, M.D. Collection of books by and about physicians.

Books can be checked out for two weeks using your Calder Library barcode.  Have fun and increase your IQ at the same time!!!