Dear Reader,

On Saturday, April 10, we attended the last DOCS fair of the year at the Jessie Trice Community Health Center in Liberty City.

Liberty City group

It was a smaller fair than most of the DOCS fairs this year. In total, UM students and faculty were able to see 128 adult patients and 15 pediatric patients.

Erica and Vedana with patient

Calder faculty and staff had the opportunity to interact one-on-one with many of the fair attendees. We passed out around 100 MedlinePlus brochures in English, Spanish, and Creole. We were also able to provide 7 computer demonstrations and printed out patient education material for those that requested it.

We also had three representatives from the Liberty City Public Library who promoted the public library services and signed fair attendees up for public library cards.

We have enjoyed the opportunity to speak with community members from throughout South Florida for this year of DOCS outreach service. We'll soon post a wrap up of this year's activities, but we can proudly boast that we have passed out (in total) over 1200 English MedlinePlus brochures, around 600 Spanish brochures, and 244 of our newly translated Creole brochures. Each interaction has shown us that patients are excited to hear about the health information resources available to them. We look forward to working with the DOCS program in the future and to continuing our partnerships with the medical students, public librarians, and community members.

Erica with patient for computer demo

Until next year,

Your Caring Calder Librarians