stampDear Reader,

This weekend ten members of the faculty and staff of the Calder Library made the annual trip down to the Keys to take part in the DOCS Health Fairs program. A tradition that goes back over three decades, the Department of Community Services holds three health fairs in the Lower Keys - all in the same day! Marathon, Big Pine Key, and Key West were the three communities served on Saturday, January 23, and the Calder Library is proud to be a part of that outreach.

Suzy, Erica, and Steve promoted MedlinePlus at the Marathon Health Fair at the Fisherman Hospital.

Marathon Table

They passed out 156 MedlinePlus brochures - the most of any of the three fairs!

Suzy handing out MedlinePlus brochures

Brenda, Vedana, Tanya, and David divided time between two churches for the Big Pine Key Health Fair. They even were able to work hand-in-hand with area librarians to promote health literacy.

Calder Librarians with Public Librarians

They also provided one-on-one patient consultations, showing patrons where and how to search for health information on MedlinePlus.

Brenda providing a consultation

And last (but not least!) Ed, Geddy, and Emily staffed the library booth at the Key West Health Fair.

Geddy with patron

We even had the opportunity to reach out to some of the Key's youngest locals.

Emily with family

The fairs were a great success! We distributed over 430 MedlinePlus pamphlets in English, Spanish, and Creole. We provided 30 one-on-one computer demos and administered more than 60 surveys. Thanks for all the staff and especially the patrons who made it such a great weekend.

See you next year!

-The Caring Calder Librarians