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The Louis Calder Memorial Library hosted the 12th Biennial Ralph H. and Ruth F. Gross Lecture on November 21, 2013.  Featured speaker Bernd A. Wollschlaeger, M.D, a German-born Jewish physician, delivered his deeply personal perspective on the anatomy of hate.  The son of a German tank commander who received the Iron Cross from Adolph Hitler personally, Dr. Wollschlaeger described his journey of emotional and spiritual struggle with the Nazi legacy of hate and the shadow it cast over his family and all of Germany.  His desire to live a more meaningful life led to him converting to Judaism, immigrating to Israel, and serving in the Israel Defense Forces as a Medical Officer.  He eventually moved to the United States to complete his medical training.  Now practicing in Aventura, he is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Family Medicine at the University of Miami and Past President of the Dade County Medical Association and the Florida Society of Addiction Medicine.  In 2012, Dr. Wollschlaeger was honored as the Family Doctor of the Year by the Florida Academy of Family Physicians.

“For me, hatred against other people has a very personal meaning,” said Dr. Wollschlaeger, speaking about the origins of hate and how we overcome it. “But I have learned that we all think in stereotypes, because our ancestors long ago had to put people in categories quickly in order to avoid danger.  Today, that type of thinking can lead to hatred against Jews or Muslims, blacks or whites.  As physicians, we have a moral responsibility to make a conscious effort to overcome our personal biases and treat everyone in an equal manner.”

Dr. Mary Moore, Librarian Professor and Chair of the Department of Health Informatics, welcomed the more than 150 attendees and thanked the Gross family members for their support. Patricia Bergman, one of the daughters of Ralph H. and Ruth F. Gross, recommended Dr. Wollschlaeger as this year’s speaker. She attended the event with her sister, Carol Clarkson. The Ralph H. and Ruth F. Gross endowment, made to the Calder Library by Mrs. Gross in memory of her husband, sponsors the event, which was hosted by the Department of Health Informatics, the Medical Faculty Council, Calder Library, and the Miller School’s Department of Family Medicine and Community Health.

For additional information, see Gross Lecture Features German-Born Jewish Physician Delivering Personal Perspective on the Anatomy of Hate, University of Miami News, November 26, 2013.  (Link:

Also, if you would like to view the entire presentation on video, please visit:

At last Friday's Integrative Medicine Symposium, Calder librarians spoke with more than 70 people about complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) resources. Highlighted tools with CAM content included MedlinePlus, PubMed, and SciVal Experts (formerly known as Collexis, use this tool to find the experts on UM's campus). We also invite you to take a closer look at the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine site, as well as the Dietary Supplements Labels Database. For more information about CAM resources, take a look at the poster below (click for a larger image) or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or call us to learn more.

CAM Poster

On Wednesday at the Shared Resources Fair, Calder librarians spoke with more than 50 researchers about Tools to Save Time, Increase Productivity, & Help You Get Promoted. Many of the presented resources have been highlighted on this blog as well, including creating Auto Alerts to stay up to date with the latest evidence, using SCOPUS to find your h-index, and using SciVal Experts (formerly Collexis) to find collaborators on campus. Don't forget, we offer classes on all of these resources and are also happy to come out to where you are to help you in your research efforts.

Shared Resources Fair

The University of Miami Miller School of Medicine’s Calder Medical Library, in partnership with The Miami-Dade Public Library System, presented Keep Your Family Safe: Emergency Preparedness at Home and Away Safety Fair on Thursday, June 17, 2010, from 10 am – 4 pm at the Main Branch of the Miami-Dade Public Library. Eight Calder librarians and staff members promoted information and resources on safety concerning households, seniors, children, food, chemicals and more. Close to 200 participants, including 125 children attended the fair.  The fair was made possible thanks to the Express Community Day Award from the National Network of Libraries of Medicine.

Dear Reader,

On Saturday, April 10, we attended the last DOCS fair of the year at the Jessie Trice Community Health Center in Liberty City.

Liberty City group

It was a smaller fair than most of the DOCS fairs this year. In total, UM students and faculty were able to see 128 adult patients and 15 pediatric patients.

Erica and Vedana with patient

Calder faculty and staff had the opportunity to interact one-on-one with many of the fair attendees. We passed out around 100 MedlinePlus brochures in English, Spanish, and Creole. We were also able to provide 7 computer demonstrations and printed out patient education material for those that requested it.

We also had three representatives from the Liberty City Public Library who promoted the public library services and signed fair attendees up for public library cards.

We have enjoyed the opportunity to speak with community members from throughout South Florida for this year of DOCS outreach service. We'll soon post a wrap up of this year's activities, but we can proudly boast that we have passed out (in total) over 1200 English MedlinePlus brochures, around 600 Spanish brochures, and 244 of our newly translated Creole brochures. Each interaction has shown us that patients are excited to hear about the health information resources available to them. We look forward to working with the DOCS program in the future and to continuing our partnerships with the medical students, public librarians, and community members.

Erica with patient for computer demo

Until next year,

Your Caring Calder Librarians

Dear Reader,

On Saturday, March 13th, five Calder Library faculty and staff members headed up to Fort Lauderdale to help out at the Jack and Jill DOCS Health Fair.

Library group

As we have in the past eight DOCS health fairs this academic year for the second year in a row, we partnered with the medical students to promote MedlinePlus to the health fair attendees. We hand distributed 133 MedlinePlus pamphlets in English, Spanish, and Creole. We provided ten computer demos to patients interested in particular health topics.

Tanya providing computer demo

We entertained the younger attendees by showcasing ToxMystery and ToxTown - always big hits!

Brenda demoing to kids Emily and child with ToxMystery certificate

We collected eleven surveys from health fair patients and four from fellow health information/education providers.

Emily and train-the-trainer

We enjoy the opportunity talk to other health care providers and share information about MedlinePlus. We hope they will pass on information about that great resource to their patients and community members.

Responses from community members included: "I was very well informed." and even "I'll use it tonight!" We look forward to these opportunities to meet with patients throughout South Florida and talk about what great health information resources are available to them. Thanks to all who made it a successful health fair!

Until next time,

The Caring Calder Librarians

University of Miami Hospital

For the past two and a half months, four of the Calder librarians have been braving early morning metro rides and 7 am traffic to visit the daily nursing "huddles" at the University of Miami Hospital. The "huddles" are the time where the night staff is leaving and the morning staff is coming in. In each unit the nurses take the time to share any updates on patients or protocol. And for the past two and a half months, they have been taking the time to listen to us share information about the kinds of resources that are available to them.

A Calder librarian was assigned to each of the 26 huddles. We visited each huddle once and demonstrated Citrix, the library home page, the nursing portal, and DynaMed. The location of the huddle depended on the unit - some of them were held in small labs, some in break rooms behind the desk, and some in the middle of all the action. The busier the area, the more challenging the environment was for teaching. In total, we spoke to more than 250 nursing staff members. We received many different kinds of questions, such as: "How do I find this article?" "Why is CINAHL so hard?" "What is the Mallory-Weiss Syndrome?" "What year was Superman created?" We tried to answer every question to the best of our ability!

We've received great feedback, including:

  • “I appreciate your time and flexibility. The staff enjoyed it."
  • “Thanks”
  • “Thanks a lot.”
  • “Thank you for the In-Service. They mentioned that it was very useful information. I would be happy to distribute the handout for you.”

We are continuing the outreach for the next two months. We are each visiting our assigned huddles and promoting the consumer health education website MedlinePlus. Based on what we heard during the first round of huddles, the nursing staff is interested in information they can share with the patients. We look forward to continuing the adventures!

Miami Dade Public Library


The library recently received an Express Community Day Award from the National Network of Libraries of Medicine to partner with the public librarians of the Miami Dade Public Library System to promote safety awareness. We will be working together to organize a large all-day community safety awareness and emergency preparedness fair. The fair, entitled “Safety Fair: Keep your Family Safe – Emergency Preparedness at Home and Away,” will promote National Library of Medline resources in areas such as:


-Home safety (ToxMystery, Household Products Database)

-Senior safety (NIH Senior Health)

-Child safety (ToxMystery, ToxTown)

-Food safety (Lact Med)

-Emergency preparedness (DIMRC, MedlinePlus, WISER)


We will also be distributing and promoting the Family Disaster Preparedness Plan written by the University of Miami Center for Disaster and Extreme Event Preparedness. We are looking forward to continuing to build connections with the public library and with the greater Miami-Dade community. Mark your calendars for June 17, 2010. See you there!


Dear Reader,stamp

This past weekend, the library promoted MedlinePlus at the 8th DOCS fair of the year at Pompano Beach. There were 187 patients in attendance at the fair which was located at a local elementary school.

The library's table was located in the school cafeteria. At this fair we had a new "Health Information" sign, so that we were better integrated with the other DOCS health stations.


We handed out more than 100 pamphlets in English, Spanish, and Creole and provided computer demonstrations of the kind of information available on MedlinePlus.

librarians with patient

We also received 15 surveys from patients and 7 surveys from other health information educators. This is valuable information for us, as it lets us know what we're doing well and what we can improve upon for next year.

librarian with patient and survey

This was a smaller fair than most, but we felt the exchanges we had with the patients and with those working the fair were of the highest quality. There is nothing better than providing the right health information and the right time. Thanks to all who made it such a great success!

librarians group

Until next time,

The Caring Calder Librarians

stampDear Reader,

This weekend ten members of the faculty and staff of the Calder Library made the annual trip down to the Keys to take part in the DOCS Health Fairs program. A tradition that goes back over three decades, the Department of Community Services holds three health fairs in the Lower Keys - all in the same day! Marathon, Big Pine Key, and Key West were the three communities served on Saturday, January 23, and the Calder Library is proud to be a part of that outreach.

Suzy, Erica, and Steve promoted MedlinePlus at the Marathon Health Fair at the Fisherman Hospital.

Marathon Table

They passed out 156 MedlinePlus brochures - the most of any of the three fairs!

Suzy handing out MedlinePlus brochures

Brenda, Vedana, Tanya, and David divided time between two churches for the Big Pine Key Health Fair. They even were able to work hand-in-hand with area librarians to promote health literacy.

Calder Librarians with Public Librarians

They also provided one-on-one patient consultations, showing patrons where and how to search for health information on MedlinePlus.

Brenda providing a consultation

And last (but not least!) Ed, Geddy, and Emily staffed the library booth at the Key West Health Fair.

Geddy with patron

We even had the opportunity to reach out to some of the Key's youngest locals.

Emily with family

The fairs were a great success! We distributed over 430 MedlinePlus pamphlets in English, Spanish, and Creole. We provided 30 one-on-one computer demos and administered more than 60 surveys. Thanks for all the staff and especially the patrons who made it such a great weekend.

See you next year!

-The Caring Calder Librarians

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Like millions of people across the globe, we here at the Calder Library have watched news reports of the devastation in Haiti. We have wondered what we could do that would be of help to our neighbors in Haiti. We recently learned that the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine is continuing its plans to set up a 300-bed hospital in Port-au-Prince to continue its decades-long tradition of outreach to that nation. As a library we have taken this opportunity to donate boxes of the most frequently asked for textbooks and handbooks  in emergency situations.

donating books to Haiti

In addition, we are offering 24-hour reference assistance to all UM physicians and faculty working round-the-clock to assist the hundreds of thousands of people needing medical attention. We have also created a webpage, which gathers the most relevant resources. Please visit our page at:

Haiti Page Screen Capture

If you have any suggestions for how the library could help, please leave a comment in this blog post or contact me, Emily Vardell, at evardell @ We will continue to keep you updated on the library's outreach efforts to Haiti.